Six Common Nutrition Myths Debunked

It seems as though eating a healthy diet has become more and more complicated over the years. With celebrities talking about their weight loss solutions, or experts claiming their diet is the way to go, we’re constantly bombarded with news about the latest trends. But these messages don’t always have our health in mind. And there isContinue reading Six Common Nutrition Myths Debunked

Why Your Desk Job Is Slowly Killing You

Most people including myself have an office job and we tend to spend many hours a day, a week sitting at our desks answering emails, conference calls and attending endless meetings. A sedentary lifestyle can lead to an early death. According to a recent study if you spend more than 4 hours sitting down whetherContinue reading “Why Your Desk Job Is Slowly Killing You”

Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting seems to be the latest trend but it can actually very good for you. I practice it myself and the benefits are enormous. I no longer wake up bloated and my water retention has also improved not to mention the increase in energy. What is intermittent fasting Intermittent fasting is a fasting patternContinue reading “Intermittent Fasting”

Why Diets do not Work

Most of my clients come to me to help them lose weight. I do not believe or like the word diet. I do not believe in diets. What I do believe in is healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle which is essential in preventing disease. When you are healthy and active you will have anContinue reading “Why Diets do not Work”

The Bikini Diet

This is the follow up to the anti-cellulite post I wrote a last week.  I have  put together a simple to follow meal plan with tips and supplements, to give you a bikini body in 30 days! When embarking on any new detox or meal plan it is always best to prepare the body soContinue reading “The Bikini Diet”

5 Tips To Lose Weight

So many people struggle with weight their entire lives and obesity is becoming a real problem. In order to be healthy it is important to try to stay the same body weight for our height and frame. Constantly losing and piling on the pounds is not good for the body. Being well over your bodyContinue reading “5 Tips To Lose Weight”