The Bikini Diet

This is the follow up to the anti-cellulite post I wrote a last week.  I have  put together a simple to follow meal plan with tips and supplements, to give you a bikini body in 30 days! When embarking on any new detox or meal plan it is always best to prepare the body so it will be less of a shock and you won’t find yourself battling withdrawal symptoms or craving the wrong foods. I would strongly recommend cutting out sugar, coffee, alcohol slowly 3-2 weeks before starting the bikini diet. I would also like to emphasize that I do not believe in diets as they do not work. What I strongly believe in, is healthy eating. By leading a healthy and active lifestyle and looking after your internal organs you will have an abundance of energy and when you start to look good you will also start to feel more confident.

Useful tips and advice

No alcohol.
No sugar.
No cakes, pies, sweets, chocolates, white pasta/bread/rice, no cheeses.
No ready made meals.
No fizzy drinks.
No sodium based table salts. Use himalayan salt or nori flakes to season.
If you crave coffee have just one black coffee a day or try dandelion root
coffee which is very good for the liver.
Add spirulina or wheatgrass to green vegetable juices.
Add bee pollen, chia and flaxseeds to smoothies.
Add pomegranate, sunflower, pumpkin and sesame seeds to salads.
Make sure half of your plate consists of vegetables or salad.
Protein should be eaten at every meal to help balance blood sugar levels.
Protein and complex carbs on your plate should be the size of your fist and no bigger.
It is important to exercise every day.
Drink 2 litres of distilled water daily.

Make sure to include the following in your meal plan: broccoli, kale, asparagus, cabbage, garlic, onions, rocket, dandelion root, chicory, endive, brussel sprouts, Swiss chard and artichoke.

Breakfast: Warm water and lemon. After 20 minutes carrot, apple and celery juice.
Half a melon. 2 cups of detox tea.
Snack: 10 strawberries, 5 almonds.
Lunch: My summer salad which you can find under recipes. Have it with either grilled fish, chicken or tofu.
Snack: chia pudding with berries
Dinner: Steamed asparagus with cold pressed virgin olive oil, nori flakes and pepper with a poached egg.

Breakfast: Warm water and lemon. Beetroot and apple juice.
Snack: Smoothie: mango, spinach, avocado, coconut water and sun warrior vegan protein powder.
Lunch: Quinoa with avocado, cherry tomatoes, spring onion, coriander, pumpkin, sesame and sunflower seeds in cold pressed virgin olive oil and tamari soy sauce. You can have grilled fish, chicken, chickpeas or tofu with the quinoa salad.
Snack: 2 tablespoons of home made hummus (check under recipes) with carrot sticks.
Dinner: Spinach omelette with steamed vegetables.

Breakfast: Warm water and lemon. Vegetable juice: Spinach, cucumber, apple, little ginger, chia and flax seeds, 1 teaspoon of spirulina and coconut water.
1 -2 slices of watermelon. 2 cups of detox tea.
Snack: 1 apple 5 almonds.
Lunch: Buckwheat or quinoa wrap ( recipe for the wrap is: 2 tablespoons of either quinoa or buckwheat flour, 100ml water, 1 egg and himalayan salt. Mix all ingredients together. Grease a pan with coconut oil and place on low heat, then pour the batter and make your crepe) with spinach, avocado, cucumber, alfalfa sprouts and cold pressed virgin olive oil and tamari sauce.
Snack: 10 strawberries with 2 tablespoons of coyo coconut plain yoghurt topped with bee pollen
Dinner: Baked wild salmon with garlic and dill and half a plate of steamed pak choi.

Breakfast: Water and lemon. Detox smoothie: Kale, spinach, 2 apples, 5 sprigs of coriander, 5 sprigs of parsely, juice of 1 lemon, coconut water.
1-2 slices of water melon. 2 cups of detox tea.
Snack: blueberries 5 walnuts.
Lunch: Fist full of steamed brown rice, fist full of lentils sauteed in olive oil with cherry tomatoes, garlic and chili. Eat with half a plate of steamed vegetables
Snack: 2 spirulina protein balls (see under recipes).
Dinner: Chicken or tofu stir fry with vegetables.

Breakfast: Warm water and lemon. Vegetable juice: dandelion greens, fennel, apple, cucumber, chia and flax seeds and tablespoon of wheatgrass and coconut water.
Snack: cherries 5 walnuts
Lunch: Baked sweet potato with home made guacamole (see under recipes) and half a plate of salad.
Snack: 10 strawberries with a tablespoon of quinoa flakes, 1 tablespoon of bee pollen in almond milk and coyo coconut yoghurt.
Dinner: Steamed fish with steamed vegetables.

Breakfast: Warm water and lemon. Smoothie: Kefir with strawberries, blueberries and chia and flax seeds. 2 cups of detox tea.
Snack; Apple and almonds
Lunch: Zucchini spaghetti sauteed in olive oil with garlic, chili, cherry tomatoes nori flakes and pepper.
Snack: An avocado with cherry tomatoes, olive oil, apple cider vinegar salt and pepper
Dinner: Vegetable skewers with chicken or tofu.

Breakfast: Warm water and lemon. Smoothie: watermelon with mint, chia and flax seeds and baobab powder. 2 cups of detox tea.
Snack: cherries 5 almonds.
Lunch: Grilled chicken and salad.
Snack: sweet potato wedges baked with olive oil salt and pepper.
Dinner: Roasted mediterranean vegetables with either fish or tofu.


Take a good strength probiotic before breakfast. This will strengthen your immune system, aid digestion and give you a flat tummy.

Take a good multi vitamin suitable for your age and gender.

If you are experiencing sugar cravings and are finding the meal plan difficult to stick to try taking the mineral chromium 200mcg twice daily in between meals. Once it kicks in it really does help with sugar cravings.

L- carnitine is good as it helps the body to produce energy from fat. Take 500mg twice a day thirty minutes before meals.

The herb gotu Kola is fantastic for cellulite, probably  the best. Take 500mg twice a day with food.

If you are on any type of medication please consult your doctor before embarking on any new meal plan and before taking supplements. I hope the above helps you to achieve your desired bikini body.

I also do online consultations so feel free to email me if you would like a bespoke nutritional plan.





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