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Everything you need to kick start your health journey to a better you. Physically, mentally and spiritually.

Create more healthy habits in less time with these meal planners, journals and shopping lists.

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Dania Trapani's Spring Cleanse

Introducing the 7 Day Spring Cleanse Program

I am offering this simple Spring Cleanse Program to help you revolutionise the way you think about food, and reshape your body from the inside out!

This program isn’t about starving your body, fasting, juicing, or eating strange food combinations. It’s about learning how to use delicious foods as fuel for your body.

What’s included?

7 days of Meal Plans with 30 Delicious Recipes
You won’t feel deprived with the amazing menu I have put together for you, and you’ll know exactly what to buy and cook.

Live Group Kick-off Call
We’ll start the program with a live zoom call where I’ll talk about how to get the most out of this program, how to make it work with your busy life and answer any questions you may have.

Daily Support in a Private Facebook Group
You’ll have my personal support and the support of your fellow cleansers each step of the way, so you never feel stuck or like you’re in it alone.

Additional Benefits

Cleanse Guide
A complete guide so you know what to do and when.

Daily Protocol
An easy to follow document that you can print out and post on your fridge so you can stay on track.

You can also record your daily movement and water intake.

Bonus 30-minute Post-cleanse Strategy Session
We’ll talk about what the next step is for you so you can extend the benefits of the cleanse

Ready to transform the way you look and feel?

The cleanse starts on 19th April 2022 and will run for 1 month, so you have plenty of time to join me.

Once you order your cleanse, you will receive all of the accompanying documents via email once confirmation of payment is received.

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Dania Trapani A4 Magnetic Meal Planner at the Living Well Shop

A4 Magnetic Weekly Meal Planner

Plan your meals. 7 days-a-week. Every week.

By planning your meals, you can minimise food waste and reduce shopping expenses!

Please note:
This product has a special surface that will only work with dry-wipe pens and will need a dry-wipe eraser.

Please do not attempt to use with any other pen as this may result in damage to the lamination.

Happy meal planning!

£14 (includes UK & EU P&P)

Dania Trapani A5 Journal available at the Living Well Shop

A5 Journal

A5 6-month personal planner

A daily planner to help you mindfully plan and schedule your day.

You can also record your daily movement and water intake.

Not for sale outside of the UK

£15 (includes UK P&P only)

Dania Trapani A5 Shopping List available at The Living Well Shop

A5 Shopping List Pad

A5 shopping list pad with 50 tear off sheets.

Organised by food group.

Not for sale outside of the UK

£11 (includes UK P&P only)

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