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Everything you need to kick start your health journey to a better you. Physically, mentally and spiritually.

Create more healthy habits in less time with these meal planners, journals and shopping lists.

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Please note that some items are only available for purchase within the UK.

Dania Trapani A4 Magnetic Meal Planner at the Living Well Shop

A4 Magnetic Weekly Meal Planner

Plan your meals. 7 days-a-week. Every week.

By planning your meals, you can minimise food waste and reduce shopping expenses!

Please note:
This product has a special surface that will only work with dry-wipe pens and will need a dry-wipe eraser.

Please do not attempt to use with any other pen as this may result in damage to the lamination.

Happy meal planning!

£11.20 (includes UK & EU P&P)

Dania Trapani A5 Journal available at the Living Well Shop

A5 Journal

A5 6-month personal planner

A daily planner to help you mindfully plan and schedule your day.

You can also record your daily movement and water intake.

Not for sale outside of the UK

£12 (includes UK P&P only)

Dania Trapani A5 Shopping List available at The Living Well Shop

A5 Shopping List Pad

A5 shopping list pad with 50 tear off sheets.

Organised by food group.

Not for sale outside of the UK

£8.80 (includes UK P&P only)

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