5 Tips To Lose Weight

So many people struggle with weight their entire lives and obesity is becoming a real problem. In order to be healthy it is important to try to stay the same body weight for our height and frame. Constantly losing and piling on the pounds is not good for the body. Being well over your body weight can cause serious health issues like diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease. This is why it is so important to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. I see so many women between the ages of 25-35 struggling with weight, trying every different new diet to be skinny. I do not believe in fad diets, they seriously mess up your metabolism. What I do believe in is healthy eating and being active. I hope the tips below will inspire you to become healthier.

Eat Healthy – foods to avoid and foods to eat

Fad diets do not work. You have to remember that the quicker you lose weight, the quicker you will be putting it all back the minute you start eating the wrong foods again. Also restrictive diets will only make you crave unhealthy foods. If you eat healthy you will not only remain a good weight for your body frame and shape, but you will have an abundance of energy and feel and look great. By eating healthy you will also not be craving sugar. Did you know that sugar is as addictive as heroin?! Yes that is correct. The more white pasta, bread, cakes, fizzy drinks you have the more you crave and it becomes a vicious circle. When you eat healthy you will feel fuller for longer. It may be difficult to break free from your eating habits but trust me, when you start leading a healthier lifestyle you will look and feel so much better! As we age HEALTH is the most important thing!

Another big problem with eating too much sugar and starchy foods is that it creates blood sugar problems. The more sugar we eat the more our bodies over produce insulin. Too much insulin in the body causes sugar to convert into fat and prevents it from being released by our bodies. By eating healthy you are keeping your blood sugar levels balanced, giving you more energy.

Drinking too much caffeine will also cause the body to produce elevated levels of insulin so limit coffee to 1 cup a day. Try switching to dandelion coffee or chicory coffee. So a cappuccino with a croissant for breakfast is definitely a no no!

Avoid white pasta, bread, rice and substitute with quinoa, brown rice, amaranth, millet, buckwheat. Try gluten free breads. The brand Biona do good gluten free breads.

Avoid ALCOHOL. It is poison for the liver. A healthy liver leads to a faster metabolism. Also alcohol is sugar. Drinking too much will make you bloated. If you really can’t live without alcohol try to limit it to 1 glass of organic red wine with your meal but ideally I would eliminate it, especially if you are trying to lose weight. Unfortunately for most people one glass becomes one bottle.

Avoid fizzy drinks and concentrated fruit juices. Try to eat 2 portions of fruit a day and preferably in the morning when it is the right time to consume fruit on an empty stomach. Go for fruits like berries that are lower in sugar. If you have a banana do not have more than 1 a day. Try to include more vegetables into your diet. Start drinking more vegetable juices and smoothies using only 1 type of fruit. I normally will use only apples in the majority of my vegetable smoothies. I have a family history of diabetes so I really limit the fruit and sugar I eat.

Remember that although raw honey is alkaline and it is healthier than sugar, it should be consumed in moderation. Try not to have more than 1 teaspoon a day.

Avoid salted peanuts and crisps and sodium based table salts that will cause water retention and place a strain on the kidneys. Substitute with potassium or magnesium based salts like himalayan salt. You can also use nori flakes or kelp powder.

Avoid salad dressings that are full of sugar and salt. Make your own. Use olive oil, tamari and lemon juice in salads.

Avoid all ready made meals and take aways full of rich sauces, salt and sugar. Unfortunately food manufacturers put salt and sugar everywhere. I have seen it in products like almond milk which is why I make my own. Cook everything fresh so you know exactly what ingredients are going into your food. Eat more whole foods. I cannot stress this enough. Use lots of herbs in your cooking too.

Avoid all full fat dairy. No full fat milk or cheeses. Substitute with almond and cashew milk and go for low fat cheeses.

Include more healthy fats into your diet especially at lunch so you stay fuller for longer. Eat more walnuts, almonds, pumpkin, sesame and sunflower seeds, chia seeds, wild salmon, sardines, olive oil, linseeds, flaxseed oil, organic and GM free soya beans and kidney beans.

Drink lots of filtered water to reduce water retention and to flush out all the toxins.

Include more super foods into you diet like spirulina, wheatgrass shots and powder, barley grass, maca and baobab powder.

Be careful when going for protein bars. Many are overloaded with sugar. It is always best to make your own. In fact it is a good idea to make everything from scratch yourself.

Portion control

Do not overload your plate with food or eat until you can no longer breathe. Ideally for a healthy long life you should always leave the dinner table not feeling full at all. A helpful tip is to always make half your plate full of vegetables or a salad. Complex carbs like brown rice and protein should always be the size of your fist and no bigger. A quarter should be your fat content.


It is so important to be active. In order to lose weight you need to sweat, sweat and sweat some more. Cardio will get you burning those calories. Exercise increases metabolic rate and decreases fat deposits. It also increases muscle mass so get moving. If you look at athletes they have lean bodies. Of course if you are new to exercise I do not expect you to train like an athlete. 30 mins a day is enough to begin with. Go for a brisk walk in the park or a jog.

Throw away the weighing scales

Weighing scales can become very addictive and obsessive. I see so many people that weigh themselves after every meal becoming obsessed with calorie intake. Throw your scales away and stop counting calories. If you eat healthy there is no need to count the calories. You can tell by the way your clothes fit you if you are overweight.

Make dinner the lightest meal

Dinner should be your lightest meal of the day. Do not eat carbohydrates at night. Have complex carbohydrates during the day. Try to eat your dinner 3 hours before going to bed. Do not eat before going to bed, this will not only make you put on weight but will put a strain on your digestive system.

If you feel you have tried eating healthy and exercising but are not losing weight, it may be a good idea to see your GP and have your thyroid and hormones checked. An under active thyroid can cause weight gain and a hormonal imbalance like too much oestrogen can also lead to weight gain.

I specialise in weight loss so if you would like more advice and a bespoke nutritional and lifestyle pan feel free to email me at: daniatrapani@gmail.com

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