Why Your Desk Job Is Slowly Killing You

Why Your Desk Job Is Slowly Killing You

Most people including myself have an office job and we tend to spend many hours a day, a week sitting at our desks answering emails, conference calls and attending endless meetings.

A sedentary lifestyle can lead to an early death. According to a recent study if you spend more than 4 hours sitting down whether at your desk or on a couch, you are more prone to an early death and diseases like diabetes, heart attacks, blood clots and strokes.

Endless hours sitting in front of a computer can also affect your eye sight, posture and brain.

If what I have mentioned above seems familiar to you, then read on for tips on how to change your life if you believe that your desk job is slowly killing you.

Exercising every day may not be enough

Exercise is good for both the body and mind. However running every morning or going to the gym may not be enough if you end up hours sitting at your desk, driving to work where you are sitting in your car or commuting sitting on the tube or bus.

Your Desk Job Is Slowly Killing You

What to do when at the office

Get moving. Ideally every 30 minutes you should get up and have a walk or a stretch. Do calf raises which are great for circulation. When you are sitting at your desk try rotating your ankles. Take a break to go and get some fresh air to refresh your brain. After lunch is a good time to go for a stroll.

Always keep moving. Instead of taking the lift take the stairs. It is small changes like these that will improve your health.

Try to stand more at your desk as opposed to sitting. You can stand while you are checking emails on your computer or your phone.

Try walking and talking when answering calls or on a conference call. By being active as much as possible you are burning calories.

Posture is so important to prevent neck and back pain. So make sure to sit up right at your desk. No slouching. A strong core is the secret to a strong back so try to work your core when you next work out.

Long hours sitting at your desk can lead to stress so it is important that you do take regular breaks when you are feeling tired.

After Work

Try to walk as much as possible. Take the longer route to the bus stop or tube or get off a stop earlier.

If you have been siting at your desk all day the last thing you should do is spend hours on the couch.

Healthy eating

Do not eat junk food. If you are sitting all day at your desk you need to fuel your body and mind with the correct nutrients to keep your brain alert and improve your circulation.

Drink regular green juices, smoothies and plenty of water.

Never skip breakfast as this will give you energy and make it a nutritious breakfast by eating porridge or eggs on toast with avocado.

Include ginger, onions, turmeric, garlic and cayenne pepper in your cooking which are good for circulation. Eat oily fish rich in omega 3 like wild salmon and sardines and you could also take a fish oil supplement.

Limit your salt intake. Salt will harden your arteries and arteries need to be elastic. Too much salt in your diet can also lead to high blood pressure.

I hope you have found the above tips useful. If you believe that your desk job is slowly killing you and need help restructuring your lifestyle to compensate, please contact me via my Facebook page.

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