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Improving Posture

Improving Posture

Good posture, what’s all the fuss about? We have all heard about having good posture. It most probably started when we were children and told to sit up properly and not to slouch, but chances are that a lot of us haven’t really given it too much thought beyond that. Last year has been challengingContinue reading “Improving Posture”

Dealing With Stress

Dealing With Stress

April is Stress Awareness Month. This has been running since 1992 to increase public awareness about both the causes and cures for our modern stress epidemic. We all have suffered from stress in our lives whether because of moving home, exams, work, bereavement, an illness, children, divorce, financial troubles or other. In fact, we areContinue reading “Dealing With Stress”

What can you do about ‘Poor Circulation’?


This week I am talking about circulation. We have probably all heard someone comment that they have ‘Poor circulation’, but what does this actually mean, and what can we do about it? Circulation relates to the system of how our blood travels around our body and its functions. Like everything else, we want good circulation,Continue reading “Circulation”

Looking After your Prostate

Looking After your Prostate

No, you don’t have to read that again. This week I am talking to men out there, and the women who have close male relationships in their lives. Although my niche is women, this is a topic close to my heart as I have had a personal experience of it. And most men will beContinue reading “Looking After your Prostate”


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