Winter Exercise and How to Stay Motivated

As the mornings and evenings get darker, colder and wetter, the motivation to exercise declines. So how do we stay motivated for winter exercise? Our bodies may feel like slowing down, we may eat more and move less, spending more time in doors. Whilst all of this is natural in the colder, darker months. It’sContinue reading “Winter Exercise and How to Stay Motivated”


This week I am talking about circulation. We have probably all heard someone comment that they have ‘Poor circulation’, but what does this actually mean, and what can we do about it? Circulation relates to the system of how our blood travels around our body and its functions. Like everything else, we want good circulation,Continue reading “Circulation”

Why Your Desk Job Is Slowly Killing You

Most people including myself have an office job and we tend to spend many hours a day, a week sitting at our desks answering emails, conference calls and attending endless meetings. A sedentary lifestyle can lead to an early death. According to a recent study if you spend more than 4 hours sitting down whetherContinue reading “Why Your Desk Job Is Slowly Killing You”