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Hi. I’m Dania. Nutritional Therapist & writer of The Living Well Blog for over 6 years. Tackling a wide range of subjects that enable us to lead a healthier and more fulfilling life.

I believe in dealing with the root cause of all acute and chronic conditions. Removing all health obstacles and restoring the person’s health and balance.

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I am a qualified nutritional therapist and health coach.

I offer online coaching packages and work with clients from all over the world, using over 10 years of experience in health & wellness to improve lives through a combination of healthy diet and exercise.

Healthy Diet. Healthy Life.

I strongly believe in good quality food choices and cooking.

Healthy eating is something to explore and enjoy. It also offers the positive benefits of good health, an abundance of energy and wellness.

I am also a strong believer that by being active and incorporating exercise into your everyday life – combined with a healthy and nutritious diet – is the key to overall health and wellbeing.

You can find a series of healthy recipes and dietary tips in the Living Well Blog.

Fresh is Best.

My interest in food came from growing up in my parents’ restaurant business where we have always been completely passionate about food.

Everything was prepared fresh which lead me to appreciate the importance of high-quality nourishment from a young age, which eventually led me to become a nutritional therapist and health coach.

Lifestyle choices are key

I believe in teaching, educating and making people aware of their health, diet and lifestyle choices.

I encourage my clients to understand the importance of a healthy diet as well as a balanced lifestyle in order to achieve optimum results.

Come and join me over at the Living Well Hub for more insights.

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.

Hippocrates (468-377 BC) The father of medicine.

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A Guide to Supplements

I am all about eating fresh food, cooked from scratch. For me, this coupled with drinking enough water and getting movement and exercise into your day is the path towards good health. However, sometimes in life, you may need a little extra nutritional help, and then I recommend taking a good quality supplement. Why Take Supplements? It’s…