The Importance of Zinc

Autumn is on the horizon and with the shorter days and cooler weather comes seasonal bugs and sickness. However, I believe that if you keep your immune system strong and healthy, you should breeze through it all! Zinc is one of those minerals which is essential for a healthy immune system. Yet it does so much more!  It’s needed forContinue reading “The Importance of Zinc”

The Health Benefits of Mushrooms

How do you feel about mushrooms? I know some people cannot stand them and have memories of slimy mushrooms eaten as children. And how many of us have gone for a big breakfast, only to experience the slimy tinned mushroom appearing on our plates. It seems a lot of people have mushrooms on their ‘foodContinue reading “The Health Benefits of Mushrooms”

The Importance of Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

Today is World Sleep Day. Are you getting enough sleep? Sleep is very important and essential in our lives. It is as important as making sure you drink enough water, feed your body the correct nutrients and breathing. Poor sleep affects your mental and physical health which is why it is important you get aContinue reading “The Importance of Getting a Good Night’s Sleep”

5 Tips For Staying Healthy This Winter

So important to look after ourselves in the cold winter months. We need to ensure we stay strong and healthy. Diet and lifestyle play a big role. Here below are some useful tips on how to protect yourself and boost your immune system this winter. Keeping your Immune System Strong A healthy immune system won’tContinue reading “5 Tips For Staying Healthy This Winter”