The Importance of Zinc

Autumn is on the horizon and with the shorter days and cooler weather comes seasonal bugs and sickness. However, I believe that if you keep your immune system strong and healthy, you should breeze through it all! Zinc is one of those minerals which is essential for a healthy immune system. Yet it does so much more!  It’s needed forContinue reading “The Importance of Zinc”

Should I Take Supplements?

Do I need to take supplements? Are supplements beneficial? Which supplements should I take? I get asked so many questions about supplements. My general answer is minerals and vitamins are essential for good health and we should be able to get sufficient amounts from a eating a balanced nutritious diet. Yet there are factors which meanContinue reading “Should I Take Supplements?”

5 Tips For Staying Healthy This Winter

So important to look after ourselves in the cold winter months. We need to ensure we stay strong and healthy. Diet and lifestyle play a big role. Here below are some useful tips on how to protect yourself and boost your immune system this winter. Keeping your Immune System Strong A healthy immune system won’tContinue reading “5 Tips For Staying Healthy This Winter”