How to Reduce Anxiety

Anxiety is one of those overused words we hear a lot. I see so much of it thrown about on social media, used as humour, as an excuse to drink and to define all kinds of feelings of unease, uncertainty, fear or panic. It’s actually natural and healthy to feel anxious from time to time, likeContinue reading “How to Reduce Anxiety”

Simple Tips to Help With Fatigue

Do you wake up feeling tired every morning? Lack energy throughout the day? Or feel wiped out by 3pm? It could be that you have fatigue. Fatigue is when the tiredness is often overwhelming and isn’t relieved by sleep and rest. It is common and can affect many of us at some stage in ourContinue reading “Simple Tips to Help With Fatigue”

Should I Take Supplements?

Do I need to take supplements? Are supplements beneficial? Which supplements should I take? I get asked so many questions about supplements. My general answer is minerals and vitamins are essential for good health and we should be able to get sufficient amounts from a eating a balanced nutritious diet. Yet there are factors which meanContinue reading “Should I Take Supplements?”

How to Stay Healthy During the Festive Season

I love Christmas! I really do – it’s my favourite time of the year. A time that I get to enjoy spending time with family and friends, and when everyone seems to be in a merry mood. Along with all of this merriment also comes the party season. For a lot of us, December willContinue reading “How to Stay Healthy During the Festive Season”

How to Take Control of Your Food Cravings

We all have them, whether it’s because we are not eating properly, are addicted to sugar, before our periods, after a heavy night out or to comfort us. Food cravings are usually a way of our bodies telling us something. That our cells are crying out for some nutrition or our brains want an emotionalContinue reading “How to Take Control of Your Food Cravings”

PMS and What We Can Do to Relieve it

My blog this week is specifically for the ladies, and we are going to look at the phenomena that is Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS). There is still a lot to learn about PMS and why some women experience it more than others. There is research to suggest that PMS is very much a culturally specific syndrome.Continue reading “PMS and What We Can Do to Relieve it”

Getting to Know Your Nervous System and Coping with Stress

Stress is a big problem in modern life. Research in 2018 found that 74% of UK adults had felt so stressed over the year they felt overwhelmed or unable to cope. In addition, it was found that 81% of women said this compared to 67% of men. Left unchecked, long-term stress can lead to aContinue reading “Getting to Know Your Nervous System and Coping with Stress”

Insomnia and Sleep

Next to a good diet and exercise, good sleep is one the essential things our body and mind needs to function correctly. Sleep is as important as drinking water, feeding our bodies the correct nutrients and breathing. Many biological processes happen during sleep, it’s when the body restores and repairs itself. The nerve cells communicateContinue reading “Insomnia and Sleep”