3 Simple Daily Habits For a Healthy Gut

A healthy body and mind go hand in hand, and the health of our gut affects both. It’s so important to look after it, I have written many articles on the subject. Many nutritionists and health professionals refer to our gut as our ‘second brain’. An information highway known as the vagus nerve connects the brain and gut allowing them to be in constant communication with each other. TheContinue reading “3 Simple Daily Habits For a Healthy Gut”

How to Easily Change your Diet for Healthy Living and What to Avoid

As we enter our 40s; it becomes more important to look at what we are consuming so we stay healthy and fit with an abundance of energy as we get older. You may find that what worked for you in your 20s and 30s may not work in your 40s and beyond. Some women put on unwantedContinue reading “How to Easily Change your Diet for Healthy Living and What to Avoid”

Improving Constipation and Gut Health

This week we are going to talk about your bowel movements, or specifically, the lack of.  Yes, as a health coach, it’s quite normal for me to talk about this subject. Why? Well, because regular bowel movements are essential for optimum health. One way the body gets rid of toxins, is through your stools. If you’re constipated, thenContinue reading “Improving Constipation and Gut Health”