How to Boost your Energy, Improve your mood, and feel great!

How to Boost your Energy

Are you fed up of feeling fatigued and tired all the time? This is becoming far too common!

So many women who contact me do so because they constantly feel tired and lack energy. Left ignored, this can really impact your long term mental health, motivation and productivity.

There are many reasons a person may feel tired all the time, and it’s mostly linked to lifestyle and diet. In some cases, it can also be because of a medical condition or illness.

Thankfully there are things you can do to boost your energy which I guarantee will make a difference.

Read on to find out the causes of fatigue and what lifestyle changes, foods and supplements can help you jump out of bed, feeling great and improve your overall wellbeing.

Reasons you feel tired

Are you drinking enough water?

As I am sure you have noticed, this crops up in almost every one of my articles. This is how important it is to ensure you are keeping your cells well hydrated, throughout the day.

Lack of hydration can leave you feeling exhausted. Our bodies are made up of 70% of water and it is important that we consistently replace lost fluids. Aim to drink two litres of pure water a day.

How is your sleep?

This may sound obvious, but sleep is very important and essential in our lives. It is as important as making sure you drink enough water, feeding your body the correct nutrients and breathing.

Poor sleep affects your mental and physical health which is why it is important you get a good night’s sleep so you can function correctly.

Could you have a sluggish liver?

The liver is the major organ of detoxification, and often the most overworked. If you overload it with toxins, it will struggle to do its job and you will wake up feeling tired and will feel exhausted during the day.

How’s your diet?

If you have a diet high in refined sugar and processed food and are not eating a balanced diet composed of good quality protein, healthy fats, complex carbohydrates, whole grains and fruit and vegetables you will feel tired.

You need to ensure you are fuelling your body with the correct nutrients and vitamins it needs to function properly.

Is your body absorbing minerals and vitamins properly?

A poor diet can lead to gut health issues. This will mean you’re not absorbing the necessary nutrients and will cause a lack of energy.

Likewise, low iron levels will make you feel tired, because iron is essential for energy production.

Are you drinking too much caffeine?

Drinking lots of coffee and tea throughout the day will overstimulate your adrenal glands. Your adrenal glands sit just above the kidneys and they produce hormones that will help regulate your blood pressure, immune system and response to stress.

When your adrenal glands are not functioning properly it can lead to adrenal fatigue which will leave you feeling sluggish and lacking energy.

How’s your alcohol consumption?

Drinking too much alcohol causes dehydration and affects your sleep. You may fall asleep quickly but your sleep will be disturbed.

Even drinking small amounts every evening will affect the quality of your sleep.

Try to have some alcohol-free days during the week to help boost your energy levels.

Do you experience stress?

Long term stress will place a strain on your adrenal glands, which will cause exhaustion and burnout. Also, when the body is stressed, you are not absorbing the nutrients from your diet.

Do you skip meals?

It’s really important not to skip meals. Overeating is not healthy, but neither is under-eating.

To function mentally and physically, you need to fuel the body with the correct minerals and vitamins throughout the day. When you skip a meal, your metabolism slows down and your body goes into survival mode which will tell your body to eat more next time. This can lead to bad food choices and leave you feeling sluggish.

You could have an under-active thyroid

This will make you feel very tired. If you suspect you have an under-active thyroid, then seek advice from your GP.

If you are constantly tired all the time, you may want to visit your GP to rule out any underlying health condition.

How to improve and boost your energy

Exercise & movement

Can you introduce some kind of exercise into your life every day? Exercise improves circulation and is a great way to reduce stress.

You can aim to get in 10,000 steps or do 30 minutes of cardio or two yoga sessions a week. Break it up to keep it fun and ensure all the bits of your body are getting a workout.


Make small changes to your diet. Start with increasing your water and vegetable intake.

Include more sprouted foods that are higher in vitamins. Try to get a rainbow of colour on your plate and cut out refined sugars and processed foods.

Include superfoods in your diet like wheatgrass, spirulina, and bee pollen. These are great added to a smoothie.

Aim to eat good quality protein at every meal. This will leave you feeling fuller for longer, reducing cravings and give you more energy.

Try to eat regularly, every 3-4 hours, and keep meals small. This will balance blood sugar levels, making you less exhausted. Also, if you eat regularly, you won’t be binging because of being hungry.

B vitamins are very good for energy so include whole grains such as brown rice, millet and oats as they are rich in B vitamins.

Take a good multivitamin for your age and gender and a B complex.

Before taking any supplement, it’s advisable to have a blood test to see what mineral and vitamins you are deficient in.

Improving sleep

If you are having trouble sleeping there are some simple changes to your lifestyle you can try:

  • Do not eat any later than 7pm
  • Turn off all screens two hours before bed.
  • Take a magnesium supplement or have an Epsom salt bath before bed.
  • Get to sleep by 10pm to optimise natural sleep cycles.

Try this for for 21 days and see if there is an improvement.

I hope you have found this helpful. I would love to hear what changes you have made to your diet or lifestyle to Boost your Energy.

If you have questions or would like more tips and advice, please get in touch.

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