The Liver Cleanse

This is a wonderful cleanse to do if you are feeling sluggish, run down, suffer from constant headaches, digestive disorders or if you have consumed too much alcohol and rich foods and want to give your liver a good detox. I particularly like doing this cleanse with the change of the seasons.  This cleanse is best done in the mornings. Make sure you do not eat anything before drinking the liver cleanse.  You can do this cleanse for  4 days then rest 1 day and then repeat for another 3 days.  I recommend doing the kidney cleanse first for 3 days before commencing the liver cleanse.  When doing any detox it is always best to be relaxed so maybe starting it over the weekend would be ideal.

It is also normal to experience headache or nausea, this means  it is working. You may also feel a little weak or faint especially if you are used to eating first thing in the morning.  Your body will eventually adapt. However should you feel really sick stop immediately.

How to prepare the liver cleanse

You will need:

1 lemon

300ml of organic apple juice

1 tablespoon of virgin olive oil

1 garlic clove

A small piece of ginger

100ml of distilled water

15 drops of milk thistle by A. Vogel

Juice the lemon and blend all the ingredients together and drink slowly. After you have finished drinking the liver cleanse wait 20 minutes and then start drinking 3 cups of herbal or detox tea. After an hour you can have breakfast but it must be very light. I would suggest you only have fruit or a vegetable juice. Lunch and dinner should also be light. Eat lots of steamed vegetables or salads with grilled or baked fish and chicken.  Some good liver supporting foods are: broccoli, Brussels sprouts, rocket salad, endive, chicory, celery, beetroots and  artichokes.  No alcohol to be consumed during the cleanse. Drink plenty of distilled water through out the day.


If you suffer from any liver disease or have gallstones do not do this cleanse without first consulting your doctor.



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