Stress and the Digestive System

In this article I’m going to explore the relationship between stress and the digestive system. The food and drink that you should incorporate in your diet, and those you should avoid. We have all suffered from stress at some point in our lives whether due to exams, work, a bereavement, an illness, children, divorce, financialContinue reading “Stress and the Digestive System”

Smoothies vs Juicing: Which One Is Better For You?

One question I often get asked by my clients is which is better for you? Smoothies or Juicing? Smoothies and juices are more popular than ever with everyone going on juice cleanses and detoxes. But which one is better for you? Both smoothies and juices offer benefits in different ways. Here I‘ll explain the differencesContinue reading “Smoothies vs Juicing: Which One Is Better For You?”