Black Quinoa Salad Recipe

This Black Quinoa Salad Recipe is so quick and easy to make. You can have it for breakfast, lunch, dinner or as a snack. It’s tasty and super healthy. I cooked the quinoa but you can buy packs of already cooked quinoa making it even easier if you are pushed for time. Ingredients The followingContinue reading “Black Quinoa Salad Recipe”

Quinoa and Asparagus Salad with Radishes and Roasted Potatoes

Summer is finally here and it always has me craving salads. This dish makes a great side salad or a main meal. Asparagus is one of the most alkaline vegetables and is a very powerful acid reducer. This salad is easy to make and super healthy. I would recommend sweet potatoes. I used normal smallContinue reading “Quinoa and Asparagus Salad with Radishes and Roasted Potatoes”

Quinoa and Mushroom Patties

These veggie burgers are perfect if you do not want to eat meat. They are full of flavour and high in protein. The quinoa gives the patties that nutty flavour. I had these with guacamole as my sauce. You can also have them with yoghurt. You can batch cook them and freeze them. Ingredients 1Continue reading “Quinoa and Mushroom Patties”

Quinoa Avocado Prawn Sushi

My sister and I just love sushi. It is one of the things we miss the most when we are away so we have recently decided to make our own. We decided to use quinoa to make the sushi healthier since quinoa is a great source of protein. You can really use any ingredients youContinue reading “Quinoa Avocado Prawn Sushi”

Quinoa Porridge with Cashew Milk

I never get tired of porridge in the colder months. It is such a filling breakfast. To change it up so I am not always eating the same, I often have quinoa porridge which is high in protein so a perfect choice.  This is another quick and easy recipe. Ingredients: 1 cup cooked quinoa 1-2Continue reading “Quinoa Porridge with Cashew Milk”

Quinoa Pizza

Being Italian there are certain foods I could never completely give up and  real pizza is one of them!  However I will only indulge in the occasional wheat pizza when I am in Italy once in a while. It always leaves me feeling bloated so I have decided to come up with a healthy alternative.Continue reading “Quinoa Pizza”