Signs you are Not Getting Enough Protein

There are lots of misconceptions around protein and what makes up ‘enough’. Gone are the days when meat was our primary source. With vegetarian, vegan and raw diets very much a part of our lifestyles, it’s important to know you are eating enough protein and from the right sources. Once women hit 40, we startContinue reading “Signs you are Not Getting Enough Protein”

Transitioning Towards a Plant-Based Diet

Eating a healthy, nutrient-rich diet is so important to me and forms the basis for all of my work. What you put into your body will make a bigger difference to your health, vitality, energy and how you look than anything else. When people work with me they either want to lose stubborn weight, increaseContinue reading “Transitioning Towards a Plant-Based Diet”

Courgette Noodles with Tofu

Courgette noodles are easy to make and you can cook them with any sauce you like,  from pesto to simple garlic and cherry tomatoes. They make a truly delicious and super healthy dish. In this recipe I cooked them with tofu which is a great source of protein. Although I do eat meat I thinkContinue reading “Courgette Noodles with Tofu”

Chia coconut tofu pudding

Guest posted on my sister’s blog again. Always an absolute pleasure posting on her lovely blog. This chia coconut pudding topped with tofu chocolate smoothie has to be my best creation so far. It is so delicious I just can’t get enough of it! It makes a nutritious breakfast or a great dessert. Chia seedsContinue reading “Chia coconut tofu pudding”

Tofu chocolate smoothie

This smoothie started out as an experiment and I am now totally addicted it is so delicious! I had never used tofu in a smoothie before. Normally I always use it as  a stir fry or marinate it with some vegetables. So initially I was rather sceptical about how my smoothie would taste. I madeContinue reading “Tofu chocolate smoothie”