What is Emotional Eating?

Throughout our lives, we consciously and unconsciously connect feelings with food. Therefore, it’s so important to think about how and why we eat, rather than just what we eat. Emotional eating is when we use food to comfort ourselves or repress negative emotions.  Stress-eating How many of you reach for chocolate, pastries, crisps, or aContinue reading “What is Emotional Eating?”

How to Turn overeating into Mindful Eating

Most of us eat more than we need to. If I think back to my childhood, there wasn’t the choice of food there is now. And portions were smaller. Today we have so much more fast food and convenient delivery services; supermarkets tempt us to buy more with 2-4-1 offers and reward schemes; and it’sContinue reading “How to Turn overeating into Mindful Eating”