Overhead Reverse Lunge

This exercise works your core, arms and lower body. It is a great body toner. Nothing sculpts your legs and glutes like lunges and squats. They are my favourite exercises. You can use dumbbells, a weighted bar or a weighted plate. I personally prefer to use the weighted plate as I find it easier to hold. However not having access to a gym I use my dumbbells. For this exercise I used one dumbbell only. You can use two. Use the weight that suits you. Some people like to lift heavy and others don’t. Remember to always keep abs in tight when using weights to protect your lower back and your knee should never go over your toe.

Begin by standing feet together, abs tucked in tight with your dumbbells, weighted bar or plate above your head. Your arms should be straight. If holding dumbbells  palms should be facing forward. Step your right foot back into a lunge, when your back knee almost touches the floor return to standing and repeat on the other leg. Continue alternating legs.

It is important not to lean forward or backward with your dumbbells/weighted bar/weighted plate. Make sure abs are in tight and chest should be lifted. Do not look down during the exercise. Always look in front and remember to keep the weight on your heels not your toes. Do 2-4 sets 20 reps. Do as much as you can and find a weight that suits you. Do not start with super heavy weights if you are not used to lifting heavy.



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