Looking After Your Heart Post 40

When we think of heart disease and heart attacks, we tend to associate it with men. Yet, while men are more susceptible to heart attacks after the age of 35, a woman’s risk increases once she hits menopause. The British Heart Foundation states ‘women are twice as likely to die of coronary heart disease, theContinue reading “Looking After Your Heart Post 40”

Signs you are Not Getting Enough Protein

There are lots of misconceptions around protein and what makes up ‘enough’. Gone are the days when meat was our primary source. With vegetarian, vegan and raw diets very much a part of our lifestyles, it’s important to know you are eating enough protein and from the right sources. Once women hit 40, we startContinue reading “Signs you are Not Getting Enough Protein”

What is Emotional Eating?

Throughout our lives, we consciously and unconsciously connect feelings with food. Therefore, it’s so important to think about how and why we eat, rather than just what we eat. Emotional eating is when we use food to comfort ourselves or repress negative emotions.  Stress-eating How many of you reach for chocolate, pastries, crisps, or aContinue reading “What is Emotional Eating?”

Breathwork: The Power of Breathing

The power of breathing has become mainstream! With Wim Hofs, Freeze the Fear currently on BBC, the nation is discovering the power of breathwork. Of course, many of us natural health practitioners have been practicing some sort of mindful breathing or breathwork for years, so it’s good to see it gaining popularity. The term Breathwork refers to any type ofContinue reading “Breathwork: The Power of Breathing”

How to Easily Change your Diet for Healthy Living and What to Avoid

As we enter our 40s; it becomes more important to look at what we are consuming so we stay healthy and fit with an abundance of energy as we get older. You may find that what worked for you in your 20s and 30s may not work in your 40s and beyond. Some women put on unwantedContinue reading “How to Easily Change your Diet for Healthy Living and What to Avoid”

Why you are Consuming More Sugar Than you Think

I can’t think of a better time to share a post on sugar than on the Easter Weekend. We’re all used to hearing how bad sugar is by now, so this is not a article about that. And it’s not about cutting it out altogether. I’m a fan of a balanced diet and allowing ourselves aContinue reading “Why you are Consuming More Sugar Than you Think”

Starting a Night Time Routine

Do you have a night time routine? We talk about the importance of a having a morning routine but rarely do we hear about a night time one. However, this is just as important, especially as you go into your 40s and beyond. As your hormones change and you enter perimenopause, getting into good habits nowContinue reading “Starting a Night Time Routine”

Stress Eating and What You Can do About it

April is stress awareness month. We all experience stress in our lives and small amounts of it are OK as it often pushes us into action. However, consistent or prolonged periods of stress can seriously affect our mental and physical health. Stress can also affect our eating habits, resulting in many of us eating theContinue reading “Stress Eating and What You Can do About it”

Ways to Overcome the Afternoon Slump

Feeling tired in the afternoon and reaching for sugary snacks? Perhaps wondering if you can get away with one more coffee to keep you going? If you can relate and you often feel tired in the afternoons, wondering how you are going to get your work done, then this article is for you. Many of us getContinue reading “Ways to Overcome the Afternoon Slump”