5 Tips to Stay Safe and Healthy in the Summer Heat

Summer is finally here and it is a time when everyone is happy to enjoy the hot and sunny weather especially since it does not happen very often in the  UK. However it is impotant to enjoy the warm weather safely especially since there is a heatwave all across Europe at the moment. For the vulnerable like the elderly, babies, children and people suffering from chronic disease it is very important to stay safe. Here below are some useful tips.

Symptoms Related to Heat Exposure and Sunstroke





feeling faint

elevated heart beat

muscle cramps

heavy sweating

decrease in blood pressure


Stay Hydrated

it is so important to drink plenty of water during the day. Sip it slowly through out the day with some lemon. Do not wait  until you are dehydrated to drink. It is important that parents keep children well hydrated. Avoid alcohol, caffeine and fizzy drinks as these will make you dehydrated. The best drink is water. You can make your own detox water with fresh fruit . You should aim to drink 2 liters of water a day.  Eat cooling foods that are water based like mango, watermelon, celery, tomatoes and cucumber.


You need to replace electrolytes. Coconut water is a high source of potassium and is high in vitamin c which is good in fighting against cell damage. Bananas are also rich in potassium and makes a great recovery snack. Potassium helps to restore and regulate electrolyte balance. Magnesium is essential for nerve and muscle function. Good food sources are: nuts, seeds and green leafy vegetables. There is a great supplement in a powder form called Ultra Muscleze by a company called Nutri. Put one teaspoon in a bottle of water and sip it through out the day. Magnesium is also known as nature’s tranquilizer.


We all love to tan especially if we hardly see the sun. it is important though that you do not burn as burning increases your chance of skin cancer. So be sensible and always wear sunscreen. You do not want to turn into a lobster and peel or get blisters. The sun today is fierce. Make sure babies and children are protected with sun hats and creams.

Avoid the Hottest Time of the Day

Be sensible and do not expose yourself during the hottest periods of the day which is from 11am – 3pm. Stay in the shade during these times or walk around with an umbrella and wear a hat. Do not lock children, babies or animals in cars. This is extremely dangerous and can lead to death.

Wear Loose Clothing and Wet Yourself Regularly

Make sure you wear loose comfortable clothing at all times that allows the skin to breathe. Do not wear tight clothing that constricts circulation. Keep the skin and hair constantly cool and wet by using a sponge, cold pack or a flannel to wet your wrists, armpits and neck.





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