2 New Side Plank exercises

These two exercises work your core, obliques, wrists, shoulders, biceps and glutes. They are two very effective and challenging exercises. The first side Plank exercise Position yourself in a side plank and as you press the dumbbell over your shoulder lift your leg at the same time. Hold and lower back to start position. IfContinue reading “2 New Side Plank exercises”

knee to elbow plank

This exercise strengthens your wrists, shoulders, arms, your core and especially targets your obliques which are often over looked. We spend so much time on our abs but forget to work our obliques. Start in a plank position keeping your back flat. Pull your left knee into your left elbow and alternate sides. Do 3Continue reading “knee to elbow plank”

Side plank with a side crunch

Can you tell that planks are my favourite exercise? I find them the best for your abs and love doing all different variations. This exercise is a continuation from last weeks exercise which was a side plank with a leg raise. This side plank  is a great full body shaper. It engages your core, obliques,Continue reading “Side plank with a side crunch”