Skater Lunge and Side Lateral Lunge

These two exercises are great for shaping your lower body. Make sure you are warmed up before doing any exercise routine. You can warm up by doing jumping jacks and skipping.

Skater Lunge



Start standing with legs together and then hop first to the left with your left leg raising your right leg diagonally behind you, do not let the back leg touch the floor. Leap from side to side keeping your core engaged, knees slightly bent and make sure you land gently. To make it harder make the leap wider and hop faster. If this exercise is too hard for you then tap your back foot on the ground. If you suffer from a bad back do not lean too far forward. Do as many as you can in 1 minute.

Side Lateral Lunge



Start by standing with your feet together and step to the right and squat through the right hip and extend your left leg keeping it straight. Keep your back flat, shoulders up and lifted and your core engaged. Return to the start position and repeat on the other side. Keep going for 1 minute.

Repeat both these exercises 3 times. You should be feeling a burn. When it is  burning it is working. Do what you can. The important thing is to keep constantly moving for 1 minute while you perform the exercises.

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