Side plank with a twist

This is a great exercise, one of my favourites!  It works your obliques,  shoulders, wrists, glutes and quads.

Start by placing yourself in a plank position like in the picture below:


Then place your right hand in the middle of your mat and push  your hips up. Your body should be in a straight line from your head to your heels. Extend your left arm above your shoulder. Look up at your left palm and hold like in the picture below:


Then place your left arm under your body tuning your upper body to the right like the picture below:


If this is too hard for you to hold you can come down onto your elbow. Do 6-8 twists on each side 2-3 sets. If this exercise is too challenging just do what you can. The more you practice the stronger you will become. Tip: Engage your whole core by sucking your belly button in. This will help with holding the pose and to balance.






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