Healthy Habits for Busy People: 10 simple ways to prioritise your wellness.

My life has been very busy and stressful over the last year, and to be honest, there have been periods where my health and wellness has taken a back seat.

Yes, this even happens to those of us working in the health and wellness industry. It’s so easy to let life take over and all too soon feel exhausted and burnt out. I know that it can be a challenge to maintain a healthy lifestyle when life gets busy with work, family, and social commitments. 

The problem is – these healthy habits are crucial to sustain energy and overall happiness, allowing you to continue doing what you do. I have had to go to work on this myself, too.

In this blog, I am going to share with you 10 practical and achievable healthy habits that you can sneak into your daily life today with ease.

1. Start your day with a nutritious breakfast

What you eat in the morning can set the scene for your whole day! Begin your day with a cup of warm lemon water followed by a balanced breakfast to fuel your body and kick-start your metabolism. Choose quick and nutritious options like overnight oats, smoothies, or sour dough toast with avocado and an egg and fresh fruit. A nourishing breakfast sets the tone for a productive day ahead, and will stop you snacking on unhealthy snacks before lunch.

2. Sneak in a little exercise

Even with a busy schedule, finding time for exercise is essential. If you don’t have time to set aside a few hours, then incorporate short bursts of activity throughout the day. Try taking the stairs instead of the lift, do some squats while brushing your teeth or waiting for the kettle to boil. Walk to work or take a brisk walk during lunch breaks. These small efforts add up and keep you active. 

3. Stay hydrated

Keep a water bottle with you at all times and set reminders to drink water regularly. Staying hydrated boosts energy levels, aids digestion, and supports overall health. Herbal teas and infused water can also add some variety.

4. Plan and Prep Meals:

This takes a little time at the beginning but saves you so much overall. If you know you will be busy, plan your meals for the week ahead and do some meal prepping during weekends. Preparing ingredients or cooking in batches can save time during busy weekdays and prevent you from ordering in unhealthy fast food after a long day.

5. Practice mindful eating

This means setting aside time to eat, away from your desk or screens or other distractions. Take the time to savour each bite and listen to your body’s hunger and fullness cues. Mindful eating helps you make better food choices and prevents overeating. Eating with others, whether at work or home is also a wonderful way to connect with colleagues or family members. Being connected with others is important for our mental and physical wellbeing.

6. Take Short Breaks

Even if your to do list is longer than your weekly shopping list – incorporate short breaks into your daily routine to recharge and reduce stress. A five-minute walk, a few deep breathing exercises, or stretching can improve focus and productivity throughout the day. By taking breaks, you will find you get more done in less time.

7. Prioritize sleep

We all know quality sleep is crucial for overall well-being, but so many of us push our bed time back to fit in more activities, or scroll on our phones late into the night. By establishing a regular sleep routine, you will support your body’s natural healing processes and wake up refreshed and with more energy. Create a relaxing bedtime routine and aim for 7-9 hours of sleep each night.

8. Set Realistic health goals

When we have had enough of bad habits and feeling exhausted – it’s tempting to throw ourselves into a new healthy lifestyle. But this can be overwhelming and from my experience – unsustainable. The way to make permanent changes is to set realistic and achievable health goals, and celebrate your progress along the way. Small steps lead to significant improvements over time.

9. Take a digital detox

We are not designed to sit all day on screens! Be proactive and put your screens down before bedtime and during mealtimes. By setting boundaries with technology, you allow for more meaningful connections with loved ones and can unwind without distractions. 

10. Practice gratitude

Take a moment each day to reflect on the things you are grateful for – no matter how small. Practicing gratitude can boost your mood and shift your perspective, helping you navigate challenges with a positive mindset.

As you can see – incorporating healthy habits into a busy lifestyle is not only possible but also essential for long-term well-being. 

Taking care of yourself by eating well, exercising, and making time to relax, you’ll have more energy, be more productive, and feel healthier and happier.

Remember, even the smallest changes can make a significant difference, so start incorporating these practical habits into your routine today. Your health is worth the investment!

If you would like one-to-one support to reach your health goals then get in touch. I help women look and feel healthy and full of energy.


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