The benefits of Drinking Celery Juice For 30 Days

The benefits of Drinking Celery Juice For 30 Days

You may have seen all the celery juice hype on social media. The man responsible for this is Anthony William who wrote Medical Medium which is a great book.

In the beginning, I didn’t really take much notice as I always drink green juice so I assumed that it would be the same. Apparently not. There is something special about celery juice according to William.

It is really thanks to my stepdaughter for doing the 30-day celery juice plan. She insisted that my husband and I try it, so I bought a juicer and our celery juice journey began.

The benefits of juicing

As mentioned before I have always been a fan of green juice. Juicing is good for quick absorption. It takes 15 minutes for the nutrients from a juice to hit the bloodstream. This is very good in people that have digestive issues, are suffering from an illness and their digestion is compromised. It is also good for people that are stressed as stress places a strain on the digestive system.

Juicing is also good as it includes raw foods packed full of enzymes that are lost during cooking. Juicing places less of a strain on the liver. Ideally, fruit and vegetables should not be mixed together. Apples and carrots are the exceptions.

Removing the fibre is what makes juices easier to be absorbed as your digestive system does not have to work hard to absorb the nutrients. Also in a juice, you can pack larger quantities of vegetables than you would be able to eat. This means you are able to get more nutrients from a glass of juice.

It is important to remember that fibre in your diet is important so if you tend to have lots of juices remember to also eat your greens.

The 30-day celery juice plan

Anthony William recommends 16oz of celery juice a day taken in the mornings on an empty stomach. You can have breakfast 15 minutes later.

I bought organic celery and started juicing.

In the first week, I felt bloated, had lower abdominal pain and kept going to the toilet all morning. My stepdaughter and husband were jealous as they wanted to spend most of the morning in the bathroom. I certainly didn’t.

However, as I continued and reached the end of the 30 days I had positive results. Although my energy levels remained the same, I noticed three main changes.

Drinking Celery Juice helped my bloating

Drinking Celery Juice helped my bloating

This has been the biggest change I have noticed. Due to my uterine fibroids, I have a tendency to bloat a lot. Some mornings I would wake up and be so bloated that I looked 6 months pregnant. Now I wake up with a really flat stomach which I am really happy about.

Drinking Celery Juice improved my digestion

I have always had problems with my digestion and as we age our digestion can become worse.

Often in the past, I would take digestive enzymes. Whenever I would eat meat I would really get a stomach ache, I felt like a pain in my stomach as though the meat that I had just eaten was stuck there and wouldn’t go down.

I have noticed that this has changed and my stomach feels rather good. I do not have any digestive issues at the moment.

Drinking Celery Juice improved my metabolism and made me slimmer

I have always had a good metabolism in my teens, 20s and 30s but as we age our metabolism tends to slow down. While still slim, after the age of 40 I did notice that my metabolism had slowed down a little.

During the 30-day celery juice, I noticed that I was getting slimmer even though I was eating exactly the same amount of food as before.

Clearer skin

I noticed my skin became much clearer. I wasn’t born with beautiful skin and I have had acne in my 20s and my skin is now ok but hardly great.

While all green juice improves the skin as it is good for the liver, I noticed a particular improvement with the celery juice.

Overall my experience was a good one but you can’t really go wrong with juicing. I would encourage that you all try it.

If any of you have tried Drinking Celery Juice for 30-days, please do let me know how you got on. I would love to hear from you.

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