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How to Take Control of Your Food Cravings

We all have them, whether it’s because we are not eating properly, are addicted to sugar, before our periods, after a heavy night out or to comfort us. Food cravings are usually a way of our bodies telling us something. That our cells are crying out for some nutrition or our brains want an emotionalContinue reading “How to Take Control of Your Food Cravings”

Iron and The Importance of Having The Correct Levels In The Body

Iron deficiency is one of the most common deficiencies in the UK, especially amongst women. However, you can have too much iron, which is also not good, so getting the balance right is really important. In this blog I am going to talk about the signs of iron deficiency, what causes it and what youContinue reading “Iron and The Importance of Having The Correct Levels In The Body”

Keeping Your Immune System Strong During Autumn

Wow, what a gorgeous September we’ve had! I love a gentle ease into autumn whilst watching the leaves changing into their beautiful colours. When we think of autumn in the UK, we think of rich colours, red and yellow leaves, harvest, fields of hay bales, bonfires and an abundance of autumn produce. Whilst this seasonContinue reading “Keeping Your Immune System Strong During Autumn”