Dania Trapani Nutritional Therapist Naturopath
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I am a fully qualified naturopathic nutritional
therapist in London, Knightsbridge. I trained at
one of the UK's leading colleges – the College of Naturopathic Medicine – and registered with BANT (British association of Nutritional Therapists) and with ANP (Association of naturopathic practitioners).

I believe in teaching, educating and making people aware of
their health, diet and lifestyle choices. I encourage my clients to understand the importance of a healthy diet as well as a
balanced lifestyle in order to achieve optimum results.
Each of my clients is treated as an individual and I combine a mixture of nutrition and naturopathy to create a tailored health programme.


My philosophy is to treat the whole person instead of focusing on the disease or illness, by working with the mind, body and spirit. I am very passionate about what I do and find it amazing to be part of someone's journey to health and happiness!

I do practice what I preach and I strongly believe in good quality food choices and cooking. I firmly believe that healthy eating is something to explore and enjoy. It also offers the positive benefits of good health, abundance of energy, and wellness. I am also a strong believer that by being active and incorporating exercise into your everyday life combined with a healthy and nutritious diet is the key to overall health and wellbeing.

My interest in food came from growing up in a successful family restaurant business where we have always been completely passionate about food. This lead me to appreciate the importance of high quality nourishment from a young age, which eventually led me to becoming a Nutritional Therapist.


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